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The 2019 Annotated Ontario Labour Relations Act
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A fully annotated portable reference to the Ontario Labour Relations Act, as well as up-to-date consolidations of Regulations under the Act

The 2019 Annotated Ontario Labour Relations Act is your key to understanding the ever-changing Labour Relations regime in Ontario. A quick and portable reference tool, this publication reproduces a fully annotated version of the Labour Relations Act, as well as up-to-date consolidations of Regulations under the Act, and the Ontario Labour Relations Board's current Rules of Procedure, Forms and Information Bulletins.

The 2019 edition incorporates the recent amendments from Bill 148, Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act, 2017.

These changes include:

  • S.6.1, which allows a trade union to apply to the OLRB for an order directing the employer to provide a list of employees with a proposed bargaining unit, where the union can demonstrate a minimum of 20% support.
  • S.15.1, which gives the Board the jurisdiction to review the structure of bargaining units, and to make orders with respect to the structure of bargaining units.
  • S.15.2, which provides for an alternate certification process for specified industries. Trade unions applying for bargaining rights in the building services industry, the home care and community services industry, and the temporary help agency industry, may elect to apply under s.15.2 – certification without a vote.
  • S.43.1, the settlement of first contracts by mediation-arbitration.
  • S.12.1 and s.80 – a prohibition restricting employers’ ability to discharge employees, without just cause, following a certification or during a lawful strike or lock-out.
  • The OLRB’s interim powers are expanded.

The 2019 Annotated Ontario Labour Relations Act also includes updated case law, including the emerging and developing case law under:

  • S.6.1 – application for list of employees
  • S.43.1 – first contract arbitration by mediation-arbitration
  • S.98 – OLRB interim powers


About the Author
Daniel Randazzo is a lawyer, arbitrator and mediator. He has an Honours Bachelor of Commerce degree from McMaster University (1986) and an LL.B. From the University of Ottawa (1989). Before becoming a full-time arbitrator/mediator, Daniel practiced for over 20 years as a labour lawyer, specializing in the construction industry and health care sectors. Through his practice, Daniel gained extensive experience in dealing with workplace conflicts and disputes; chaired numerous negotiations in the construction, industrial and health care industries; and facilitated the resolution of a wide range of grievances, arbitrations and complaints. He is a Member (Part-time) of the Human Rights Tribunal and has been appointed to the Minister of Labour's list of approved grievance arbitrators as well as an approved arbitrator under Part I of the Canada Labour Code, an unjust dismissal adjudicator under Part III of the Canada Labour Code and an adjudicator under the Wage Earner Protection Program Act. Daniel is a member of the Ontario Labour-Management Arbitrators Association, the Council of Canadian Administrative Tribunals and the Law Society of Upper Canada.