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Annual supplement - invoiced separately
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4 volumes bound

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The Canadian Abridgment; Regulations Judicially Considered 2016
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This service will enable users to find judicial considerations of regulations, both Canadian and foreign which have been cited in Canadian decisions since 1997. For each entry the user will find: • The name and citation of the enabling statute • The name and citation of the regulation referred to • The section number, subsection or paragraph being referenced • A list of judicial treatments for that provision, including the name, all available citations and the court level of each decision referenced. Published as part of The Canadian Abridgment, this publication completes our suite of legislative citators, begun with Canadian Statute Citations and continued with Rules Judicially Considered. With the addition of Regulations Judicially Considered, Carswell's legislative citators are the only research tool, in any format, that researchers can reliably use to find judicial consideration of legislation. Subscribers to this product will automatically receive a complimentary copy of the Canadian Abridgment Poster. This poster will aid the subscriber in understanding the Canadian Abridgment suite of products, both in print and online.