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The Investigator's Legal Handbook, Second Edition
By: Gordon Scott Campbell, B.A., LL.B., B.C.L.
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The Investigator's Legal Handbook, Second Edition is a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand guide to the law, both pre- and post-charge, for all those involved in Canadian law enforcement. The book is full of easy-to-find, concrete, and practical answers to the legal problems faced every day by criminal and regulatory investigators, but still maintains a level of detail that qualifies it as a one-stop reference source. Illustrations, comprehensive checklists, and short question-and-answer dialogues between investigators and prosecutors appear throughout the text. The focus is on legal principles of good investigative practice that will stand the test of time and maximize positive outcomes at all stages of a case. The Second Edition includes eight years worth of case law and legislative updates, as well as a particular focus on the legal aspects of how the growth of online Internet information communication technology is revolutionizing the ways cases are investigated, offences are committed, and investigators are able to find and understand the law by themselves.

Saviez-vous que la première édition de cet ouvrage est aussi disponible en français? Consultez Le manuel juridique de l'enquêteur, une traduction de l'ouvrage The Investigator's Legal Handbook (Carswell, 2006) qui a été mis à jour, revu et augmenté, particulièrement à l'égard du contenu québécois, par l'auteur en 2010.

About the Author
Gordon Scott Campbell conducts a bilingual criminal, civil and administrative trial and appellate litigation practice based in Eastern Ontario, but ranging throughout Canada. His practice includes a focus on regulatory matters connected to business, the environment, occupational health & safety, tax, trade & customs, information & privacy, and Aboriginal law. He has served as a Federal Crown Prosecutor on cases up to the level of the Supreme Court of Canada, as Canada's Director of E-Business Development where he led international and domestic development of Internet law and policy, and as Lead Negotiator of Aboriginal claims for Canada. He is the author of The Investigator's Legal Handbook, Le manuel juridique de l'enquêteur, and co-editor of RegQuest – Regulatory Offences and Compliance Newsletter.