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The Oppression Remedy
By: David S. Morritt, Sonia Bjorkquist, B.A. (Hon), LL.B, Allan Coleman, B.A., (Hon), LL.B
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This work explains the principles of corporate governance with emphasis on shareholder disputes. It is a critical resource for advising corporations, boards or shareholders and creditors about their rights and duties. An expansive array of topics helps you to understand the "details" of proceedings under the oppression remedy provisions. Find sections on:
  • Who has standing as a complainant
  • The doctrine of reasonable shareholder expectations
  • How shareholder expectations should guide the remedy
  • The nature of directors' and officers' duties
  • Personal liability for directors and officers
  • The Business Judgment Rule
  • What types of conduct have been found to be oppressive or unfairly prejudicial
  • Litigating an oppression claim
  • The interrelationship between the oppression remedy, derivative actions and other statutory remedies
Value-added features include:
  • Analysis and commentary
  • A case summary chart:
  • Helps you find oppression cases with analogous fact scenarios
  • Provides quick reference to the disposition of past oppression cases
  • Checklists for drafting agreements
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About the Author
David S. Morritt, LL.B. B.C.L. (Oxon), has been partner with Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP since 1989. He is a director of the Advocates' Society and former law clerk to Mr. Justice Estey of the Supreme Court of Canada. His practice covers a broad range of corporate, securities and commercial litigation, with a focus on shareholder rights, corporate governance and oppression proceedings, directors' and officers' liability, professional and product liability, class actions and constitutional litigation.
Sonia L. Bjorkquist, B.A. (Hon), LL.B. is a partner in the Litigation Department of Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP. She litigates business-critical issues in individual and class actions, arising from corporate transactions, securities regulation, corporate governance and oppression, the economic torts, and executive employment issues, as well as professional and product liability. Ms. Bjorkquist clerked for the Justices of the Court of Appeal for Ontario.
Allan D. Coleman, B.A., (Hon), LL.B. is a partner in the litigation department at Osler, Hoskin & Harcourt LLP and co-Chair of its Corporate and Securities Litigation Practice Group. He has significant expertise in advising public companies involved in litigation arising from major mergers and acquisitions and other business-critical transactions. Mr. Coleman also represents public issuers in class proceedings relating to alleged misrepresentations made in prospectuses, financial statements and other public disclosure documents. In addition, as part of his securities litigation practice, he has advised public companies and registrants in the context of inquiries and investigations by the Ontario Securities Commission.