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Uncle Anthony's Unabridged Analogies, 4d: Quotes, Proverbs, Blessings & Toasts for Lawyers, Lecturers & Laypeople
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This latest edition of Uncle Anthony's Unabridged Analogies provides a unique collection of more than 31,000 useful proverbs, quotations, toasts, and other famous sayings, organized by topic and author, and drawn from a wide range of time-honored sources. Additionally, this updated volume now includes biographies for every author/source and a new section on movies about lawyers. New sections added in 4th Edition – As specially requested by readers, author Thomas Vesper added a new section of compelling quotes on the right to a civil jury trial that will help you drive home your point in court • New sections with quotes for use in openings and eulogies which present exceptional challenges for speakers and writers. Collected over 40 years, these maxims, "perfect zingers," and "final words of wisdom" have been compiled into a helpful resource for lawyers or lecturers to use when writing and speaking on both everyday and legal topics, or for any person looking to sum up an idea in a few well-chosen words.