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Approximately 480 pages
1 volume bound

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Understanding All Impaired Driving Devices
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This book describes, in some depth, the workings of current driving impairment devices used by Police Officers to assess a motorist's mental and physical status in driving. They include all the popularly known handheld devices such as Breathalyzers, Infrared (IR) analyzers, Fuel Cell analyzers, Semiconductor analyzers, Passive Alcohol Detectors (PAS), as well as other devices that determine other functionally inhibiting substances a driver can take, that limit their ability to drive. Also included are "evidentiary" devices for forensic evaluation and for purposes of re-calibration of the above mentioned devices, for a total of eight such devices that can assess an individual's ability to drive a motor vehicle responsibly. Table of Contents
About the Author
Paul Haines is presently a Senior Consultant in Remote Sensing Systems, involving Guidance and Control Systems for both the Canadian and U.S. Peace keeping forces. In his past work, he has been involved with Anti- Submarine Warfare Systems and Anti-Ship Missile Defense Systems for the U.S. Navy, and the development of specialized and specific algorithms for geometric and radiometric correction systems in advanced Global Positioning Systems (GPS) for ground moving ordnance devices of several types. During the last 50 years, he has been the author of many technical papers in math, physics, and engineering sciences, serving as senior referee to some of the most respected journals in Canada, the U.S., and Great Britain in these areas.