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Understanding the FIDIC Red and Yellow Books, 3rd Edition
GBP£ 295*

Updated to cover the 2017 FIDIC Suite of contracts, and for the first time including the Red and Yellow Books, Understanding the FIDIC Red and Yellow Books continues the practical clause-by-clause commentary that is invaluable to any construction professionals dealing with FIDIC contracts. Coverage from practitioners in the UAE now means this title covers FIDIC in Civil Law jurisdictions, as well as Common Law.

New in this edition

This edition describes how the FIDIC contract terms operate in relation to Civil Law jurisdictions, such as the UAE. It also features an overview chapter dealing with issues such as the contract’s history and purpose, the concept of the engineer, time and money, dispute resolution, and enforcement of arbitral awards.

  • Covers the 2017 FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Works of Civil Engineering Construction: The Red Book, one of the leading international construction contracts
  • Covers the 2017 FIDIC Conditions of Contract for Electrical and Mechanical Works including Erection on Site: The Yellow Book
  • Reproduces each clause in full, explaining the effect and operation of each one, considering latest case law and discussing problems frequently encountered in practice
  • Helps the user to interpret contract clauses correctly and decide whether amendments need to be made to suit your situation
  • Compares the new contract with previous versions of the FIDIC Red Book and other widely used standard contracts, such as the ICE forms
  • Provides guidance on whether amendments or deletions need to be made
  • Discusses problems frequently encountered in practice in relation to clauses
  • Considers in detail the MDB harmonized version of the Red Book, approved for use by the World Bank, and its variations from the standard version of the Red Book
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