Preventing Workplace Meltdown An Employer's Guide to Maintaining a Psychologically Safe Workplace

Martin Shain; Mary Ann Baynton

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With the new National Standard on Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace recently released you will need to turn to Preventing Workplace Meltdown: An Employer's Guide to Maintaining a Psychologically Safe Workplace. This book is about mental injuries in the workplace – what they are, how to assess the risks of their occurrence, how to prevent legal liability for them and how to create psychologically safe workplaces. Mental injury at work has become a recognized category of harm in the law over the last 15 years and every year it becomes more important for employers to understand what it is and how to prevent it. In this book, the authors combine their perspectives on the legal imperative to provide a psychologically safe work environment with strategies and stories that come from actual experiences in the field of workplace mental health. Both authors were involved in the development of the new Standard and as a result their recommendations made in this book have been supported and advanced by the Standard. By sharing the worst case scenario – being held legally liable for causing mental injury to an employee – along with the successful approaches used by others, you will learn what to avoid as well as practical strategies to prevent problems.


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Human Resources,Occupational Safety and Health Law


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