Review of Construction Law: Recent Developments

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Review of Construction Law: Recent Developments is a one-stop source for analysis of the latest significant developments in the practice of construction law across Canada. The partners of BLG's construction, Engineering, Surety and Fidelity Group and partners at Glaholt LLP, who have written extensively on all aspects of construction law and procedure, draw upon their varied experience to chronicle, and analyze the most significant case law and statutory developments in the last two years.

Each article in this inaugural edition is designed to help you understand how new developments in Canadian law will affect your practice. Topics were carefully chosen and written by authors from across Canada, giving the Review a truly national flavour, relevant, and appealing to litigators in every province and territory.

The review includes significant topics such as:

  • Current State of the Law:
    • R. v. Ron Engineering & Construction (Eastern) Ltd. (1981)
    • M.J.B. Enterprises Ltd. v. Defence Construction (1951) Ltd. (1999)
    • Martel Building Ltd. v. R. (2000)
    • Naylor Group Inc. v. Ellis-Don Corporation (2001)
    • Double N Earthmovers Ltd. v. Edmonton (City) (2007)
    • Design Services Ltd. v. R. (2008)
    • Tercon Contractors Ltd. v. British Columbia (Transportation and Highways) (2010)
  • Recent Developments in Construction Insurance Law:
    • Principles of Interpretation
    • Recent Developments in Construction Insurance
    • Builders Risk Policies and Other Property Policies
    • Standard-Form Policy Wordings
    • Coverage Afforded by Builders risk and Other Property Policies
    • Case Law addressing Exclusions Faulty or Improper Design Exclusion (Negligence Test, The Prima Facie Test, Foreseeability Test, and State of the Art)
    • Faulty or Improper Workmanship
    • Faulty or Improper Material
    • Resultant Damage
    • Inherent Vice
    • Latent Defects
  • Recent Developments in Respect of General Liability Policies and Other Liability Policies
  • Coverage Afforded by CGL Policies
  • The Supreme Court of Canadas Review of Occurrence Progressive Homes Ltd. v. Lombard General Insurance Company of Canada
  • Green Building Issues


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